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Glas Dildo

If you want an extra exclusive dildo, you must have a glass dildo. Here for aesthetic beauty associated with eroticism and delicious stimulating massage. The smooth glass surface is easy to keep clean and incredibly non-slip. As an extra plus, a glass dildo can be cooled down in the fridge or heated on the radiator, which provides an extra stimulus.

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Liaison G-spot LED Vibrator in Silicone and Glass

Liaison G-spot LED Vibrator in Silicone and Glass

72,00 €
Liaison Straight LED Vibrator in Silicone and Glass

Liaison Straight LED Vibrator in Silicone and Glass

68,16 €
Glass Dildo Icicles no. 5

Glass Dildo Icicles no. 5

24,00 €
Glass Dildo Arts Clair Bleu

Glass Dildo Arts Clair Bleu

20,16 €
Glass Dildo with Whip

Glass Dildo with Whip

47,89 €
Icicles nr. 29 Glass dildo

Icicles nr. 29 Glass dildo

47,89 €
Icicles nr. 7 Glass Dildo

Icicles nr. 7 Glass Dildo

25,49 €
Drive Me Crazy Glass Dildo - Fifty Shades of Grey

Drive Me Crazy Glass Dildo - Fifty Shades of Grey

28,69 €
Icicles no. 2 Glass Dildo

Icicles no. 2 Glass Dildo

25,49 €

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Glass Dildo - The aesthetic dildo!

A glass dildo is, as the name suggests, a dildo made of glass. It immediately makes someone raise an eyebrow, but it is actually a fantastic material to make sex toys from.

Should you sit and think that glass and splinters are not a good idea near your intimate zones, we can reassure you. The glass they are made from is safety glass. Furthermore, it is made in a strength that makes it almost impossible to break, even with the most hard-wearing treatment.

A glass dildo is in the vast majority of cases made with an incredibly beautiful and aesthetic design that makes it look more like a work of art than a piece of sex toy.

Why should you choose a glass dildo?

The answer to why you should choose a glass dildo comes from many aspects, as it has an incredible number of advantages. First of all, you can take the smooth and non-slip surface, in addition, it is incredibly easy to clean and requires no maintenance. It requires no special storage and is generally quite hardy.

One of the great advantages of a glass dildo is its ability to absorb a temperature and release it slowly. You can heat or cool it to experience a more intense stimulus. The warm-up can be done in hot water, on a radiator or just in the sun. Cooling is best done in a refrigerator. When you have changed the temperature, you can just check whether it fits the arm, then nothing stands in the way of hot or cold stimuli.

The hypoallergenic dildo!

A glass dildo is probably one of the most hypoallergenic sex toys you can get. Glass is a material that does not trigger allergic reactions like latex and rubber can. Of course, it is also completely free of phthalates. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and will not waste in nature when disposed of.

The glass dildo gives hard stimulation!

A glass dildo, since it is made of glass, has a hard surface. The glass surface, like all other glass, is also incredibly slippery, which provides an incredibly nice stimulus. It also brings a good self-weight with it, which can provide a more realistic stimulation. Once you get started, the body will typically produce enough fluid to glide as it should. However, we recommend that you use a water-based lubricant to start with.

Which glass dildo should you choose?

When choosing a glass dildo you can use the same criteria as when choosing any other dildo. You choose it in a size and shape that you like best.

The glass dildo is of course available in many different versions. Some are designed to stimulate the g-spot, others have a more realistic shape and some have various small stimulating buds. Here you have to decide your taste.

If you need advice or good advice before choosing your glass dildo, contact our customer service. You can contact us via email or phone.

All our glass dildos are of course made of shatter-free glass.


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