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Dildos for her

Dildo's in all shapes and colours without vibrator. For the vibration-free pleasure with a big or small dildo shaped naturally, fantasy shaped, g-point, straight hard, soft natural a.s.o. A dildo is always ready, always can and it does not use kabel or batteries.


Big Dildo (XL)

Big Dildo (XL)



Double Dildo

Double Dildo

Glas Dildo

Glas Dildo

G-spot Dildo

G-spot dildo

Realistic Dildo for Her

Realistic Dildo

Silicone Dildo

Silicone Dildo

Strap-on dildo

Strap-on dildo

Suction Base Dildo

Suction Base Dildo

Why a dildo?

A dildo is probably one of the simplest sex toys you can buy, but it can stimulate more than you think. Therefore, every woman should simply own one.

A dildo can have a myriad of different shapes. It can be naturally shaped, completely smooth or have a futuristic shape. The surface of a dildo can also vary from hard to soft, or light to heavy. The choice can be difficult, but here you have to go a little according to your feeling and imagination.

We have a wide selection of dildos with very different characteristics, and it is difficult to give a formula for what is best as it simply depends on your taste.

Some of the favorites are dildos with a silicone surface, this is a material that is quietly taking over plastic and rubber. Silicone has extremely good sliding properties and feels more natural. Another bestseller is the glass dildo. Here you get a dildo you can heat up or cool down, a dildo that is easy to slide and easy to clean.

As I said, it is very much a matter of personal taste. Should you need additional guidance, please contact us.

The dildo selection is large!

Over the years, a lot of research has been done into what stimulates the best, and this means that there are countless different dildos on the market. The ones that are predominantly the most popular are the ones that adapt to the body the best and are the most anatomically correct.

The realistic dildo is probably the one that is still most popular. Here you get a dildo that looks like a real penis, and is typically made of a material so that it also feels realistic. You can get it in many different sizes, colors and designs. One of the popular versions is with a suction cup so that it can be stuck on smooth surfaces.

The hard smooth dildo rod is also quite a popular variant. It can have different shapes and some are available with slightly curved heads so it is good for g-spot stimulation. For some, the simple may be the best. In this category we also have the glass dildo, which is also a rather exclusive item.

When choosing a dildo, it also depends a little on whether it is one you will use alone or with your partner. There are also dildos with heads at both ends, strap-on dildos for naughty role-play. Should you need help, please contact our support by email or phone.

Get a high quality dildo!

When you have to buy your dildo, it is definitely a good idea to go for quality rather than quantity. If you choose a dildo that is too cheap, you will not get quite the same pleasure out of it.

The material that is currently pushing the others aside is silicone. Here you get an incredibly slippery material that feels more realistic. However, the price is also slightly higher than both plastic and rubber. In the end, though, it's worth the money.

If you take dildos in stone, steel or glass, you get a product made from natural raw materials. A glass dildo e.g. is one of the easiest to clean. A stone dildo carries a certain weight that can help to stimulate further.

Whatever dildo you choose, it is worth considering a second time. With the right dildo in good quality, you will experience a more intense and delicious stimulation.

If you have questions about which dildos are of better quality and what characteristics they each have, contact our support.


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